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18 March 2007 @ 10:37 am
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We had a couple of productive days in London this time aswell..

Camden trembled during the three days Molotov mania. And you'd be surprised how close to the truth that really is. We did a couple of showcases for record company people wich is always strange. You play for maybe three or four people who sit and tap the beat with their foot and then you shake hands. Our friend Miles entertained us with the strangest stories before, during and after. It seems he has had a part in the game with almost every great british rockband from '73 until now... On saturday night we played a packed show at the Dubling Castle. Special thanks to the german fans who had come a long way to see us. After the show Anton was lost. He wasn't found until the day after at about 2 pm. He was fine but a little confused. Peace and love / MJ

2007-02-01 12:08:43

This last week has been great and really busy.

Last wednesday we played and filmed
a show at Debaser in Stockholm. Really good show with a good crowd. We did some
kind of interview with our friend Mari at Lunarstorm.se before our time on stage.
By the way, we really like it when people come over and chat a little after the
show. There's some good pictures from the debaser show at www.rockfoto.nu taken by
Frida Börjeson.
Anyway, anyhow, on friday morning we were of to Germany. At least we thought we
were. But in the car to the airport Johan the muppet Hansson realized that he had
not brought his passport along for the ride. This ment a drive at the speed of
sound to the airport so Johan had time to get a new passport. I can't belive we
almost missed the whole thing.
We met up with the guys from the Dirty Dancing club, Felix and Dennis. They showed
us around the Repherbahn and took us to all the places where The Beatles played
back in 1961. The show that night was mad fun. It was the smallest stage we've ever
been on. It was so small that Oskar had to play from the bar. We're really humbled
by the big turnout at the gig. It was great meeting all you MJ-supporters after the
show. The night ended early the next morning. We had a good but short time in
Hamburg and we hope to come back to Germany soon. Don't forget to download
Valentines Day for free on wednesday, and catch the live broadcast of the gig, at
Love / Molotov Jive

2007-02-12 21:38:29

stuido studio studio

boys and girls, brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen. the last week we, the faboulus molotov jive that is, have been in the studio getting some new songs on tape. we did four in two days and the result is a thrill. this next album is so full of it. I cant really tell you what it is but what I can tell you is that IT is something good. This IT thing has started to appear in our songs lately. These new ones are called:
on friday we'll play our hometown with our new friends in Melody Club. see you there. love / your singer/songwriter
2007-03-07 16:45:00

Traveling at the speed of light

After two hard studio days we played with Melody Club at Nöjesfabriken in Karlstad.
The gig was great. We won the crowd over once again. We never seize to surprise
ourselves at our shows. Afterparty at the hotel fetured stolen beer, norwegian
girls and lots of Queen on the stereo. Before soundcheck we had a tough gocart
tournament. MJ vs MC. And who won? Well. I can say as much as this, Anton (myself)
was the collisional king of the track. Smashing both Johans and Oskars carts to
pieces. I felt like Sylvester Stalone in the movie Driven! Who would have thought I
just got my drivers license? No one! We've sorted the new T shirts out. They look
great. One black and one white with an I <3 MJ print. Have a look at your four
happy racers:

2007-03-14 00:17:21

left behind

oskar and anders have yet again left their troubled brothers behind and gone back to stockholm. but spring has finally hit karlstads grey streets so we don't weep. instead we're recording and writing. johan is recording what I write. we have this new one that finally might bring anders trumpet skills out in the open. we'll see bout that. we got grand plans me and johan you see. laughter / anton
2007-03-15 21:52:37